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Asperger's / Social Anxiety Group
For Adults 


Counseling Associates of West Central Georgia is proud to announce a theraputic/educational group for adults who suffer from Asperger's Symdrome Disorder and/or Social Anxiety.  Asperger's Syndrome has as a major component of the diagnosis, social anxiety and social communication problems. Those who suffer from both of these disorders would benefit from this group.  The group is an open group but is limited in size. New groups will be added an needed.

Information on the group:

The group meets every other week at 6:00 PM and lasts to 7:30 PM.

The cost of the group is $40.00 per person per session. Insurance is not billed for these sessions. Conventional methods of paying are accepted.

Requirements for addmission to the group:
You must be age appropriate for the group - 18 to 45 years of age. This is a mixed group.










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